How to Find a Memory Care Facility

Feb 13, 2024

Memory care units are designed to provide support for seniors with cognitive impairments. These residential communities offer 24/7 care, engaging activities, and a safe environment that promotes physical and social well-being.

Read on to learn how to find a memory care facility for your loved one.

What Is a Memory Care Unit?

In memory care facilities, trained staff offer necessary supervision, security, and healthcare management. But it doesn’t stop there! These communities go above and beyond, creating opportunities for your loved one to socialize, pursue hobbies, and enjoy life to the fullest. By joining a memory care unit, your loved one not only receives specialized care, but also becomes part of a supportive community where they can thrive and find happiness every day. If you’re looking for a place that understands the unique challenges and needs of those with memory impairment, consider memory care communities.

Understanding Memory Care Assessments and Care Plans

As dementia progresses, the behaviors of those affected change over time. That’s why it’s crucial to assess their situation and tailor care plans accordingly. Caregivers at memory care facilities have got it covered.

In the early stages, care plans focus on providing emotional support, encouraging communication and socializing, and helping with organization.

Once patients reach the middle stages, care plans shift to assisting with activities of daily living, implementing safety measures to prevent falls, and managing behavior changes such as aggression or depression.

In the end stages, it’s all about providing round-the-clock personal and medical care, offering mobility support, and treating any co-existing health issues such as speech impairment or infections.

How to Choose a Memory Care Facility

Below are some tips for finding a memory care facility that’s right for your loved one:

Determine Your Loved One’s Needs and Priorities

Deciding to find a memory care facility for your loved one can be overwhelming, but it’s important to prioritize their needs. Involving them in the decision-making process can greatly impact their comfort and happiness. Begin by evaluating their daily needs, such as assistance with dressing, bathing, or eating. This will help you find the right care facility.

It’s also important to consider any challenging behaviors or tendencies your loved one may have, such as aggression or wandering. Mobility is another factor to consider, as well as whether they require 24-hour supervision or assistance with using the bathroom. Ongoing medical treatments or care needs should also be taken into consideration.

Factor in Your Loved One’s Lifestyle and Preferences

Finding the perfect memory care facility for your loved one involves taking into account their lifestyle and preferences. With a variety of amenities available, it is important to find one that meets all of their needs.

For those who are social, a shared room may be the best option as it allows for connections with other residents. However, for those who prefer solitude, the luxury of room service for meals may be more appealing. When researching potential facilities, be sure to ask important questions. Find out what types of living arrangements are available and if residents or family members have a say in their daily routine. Catering to dietary needs is crucial, so inquire about the number of meals or snacks provided each day. Also, find out if meals are served in a dining area or in individual rooms. And for additional assistance, check if escorts are available to help your loved one during meal times.

Learn How Staff Members Are Specifically Trained in Dementia Care

Caring for individuals living with dementia is a challenging task. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that the staff at a community or care facility are specially trained in dementia care when finding a memory care facility for your loved one. By understanding how staff members handle challenging behaviors associated with dementia, such as resistance to care, anger, and aggression, you can assess whether their knowledge is up to date.

    Find Out How the Memory Care Facility Prioritizes Safety

    Ensuring the safety of our loved ones is a top concern when it comes to dementia care. That’s why memory care facilities go above and beyond to implement various safety measures. From motion-sensor technology to secure windows and doors with keypads, these communities are designed to prioritize the well-being of individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

    But what else should we look for when choosing a memory care facility? Here are a few additional building features to consider:

    • Mobility assistance: Can residents in wheelchairs navigate the building safely? Look for communities that have sit-to-stand lifts, elevators, zero-threshold showers, and other assistive features.
    • Fall prevention: Falls can be a major concern for seniors. Look for wider doors with handrails and flooring that promotes stability, such as hard floors and non-slip rugs.
    • Human-centered design: Memory care facilities strive to create a home-like environment. Easy-to-navigate floor plans, soundproof walls, personalized doors, and color-coded hallways help residents feel more comfortable and prevent wandering.

    Inquire About Memory-Enhancing Therapies

    Find out how our memory care activities are expertly tailored to each resident’s unique interests, ensuring a truly fulfilling and engaging experience. From art therapy to music sessions, every activity is thoughtfully designed to promote memory function and overall well-being.

    Whether your loved one is in the early stages or has been battling dementia for years, our team is dedicated to ensuring their safety and security while helping them thrive.

    Key Takeaways

    Explore a unique approach to caring for those with memory loss at Fairmont Senior Living on Clayton.

    Our Montessori-based Memory Care program offers residents an independent, purpose-driven lifestyle that focuses on their strengths and abilities. We believe that individuals with dementia can live well with equality, dignity, and respect. Our dedicated staff is trained in the Montessori-inspired Lifestyle, an evidence-based approach to person-centered care. We provide personalized life enrichment activities tailored to each resident’s preferences, needs, and abilities. Contact us today to schedule a tour.