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Montessori-Based Memory Care in St. Louis

An assisted living community that uses Montessori-based Memory Care best practices to provide residents with an independent, purpose-driven lifestyle.

A Top Senior Living Memory Care Community

Individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or any other type of dementia may require more specialized care. At Fairmont Senior Living on Clayton, we use a Montessori-based Memory Care approach specifically designed to foster an engaging community experience for residents and their families.

Our staff believes that:

  • It is possible to live well with dementia.
  • Equality, dignity, and respect are crucial for residents to feel they belong.
  • Behavioral expressions in dementia are a sign of unmet needs.
  • Meaningful engagement is the best medicine.
  • Individuals with dementia can still learn.
  • Loved ones must learn to focus on a person’s strengths rather than deficits.
  • Independence matters.

By instilling our staff with the above tenets of our program, we use physical and cognitive therapy practices that allow residents to engage in meaningful activities that improve their self-esteem, level of independent living, and quality of life.

Key Elements of Our Memory Care Program

The Montessori-Inspired LifestyleⓇ is an evidence-based approach to person-centered care. Under this innovative program developed by the Center for Applied Research in Dementia, we work to create a bridge to connect residents to each other, their families, and their communities.

The key elements of our Memory Care program include:

Individualized Life Enrichment

At Fairmont on Clayton, our Montessori-trained Memory Care staff creates individualized life enrichment activities based upon the wants, needs, and abilities of each resident. We focus on activities that maintain the resident’s remaining strengths, skills, and interests as identified by their life history and individualized plan of care.

We provide our residents with opportunities that enhance their life skills and add meaning to their daily lives. From pouring water for meals and leading resident committees to welcoming new residents to the community, our staff always finds ways for your loved one to connect with others for a bigger life purpose. When residents are engaged in purposeful activities that fit their abilities, improved outcomes in mood and behavioral expressions are observed.


Our staff is equipped with continuous educational programs under the direction of Credentialed Internal Trainers. We work with the Center for Applied Research in Dementia (CARD) to continually enhance our educational offerings beyond the industry standard.


Typical dementia programs focus on deficits and behaviors. With Fairmont’s Montessori program, our trained staff focuses on a resident’s remaining strengths, such as motor, social, sensory, and cognitive skills. This teaches them how to maintain their independence as they transition through the dementia process while maintaining their ability to make their own choices.


We provide a safe, supportive, and productive environment which allows our residents’ personalities to emerge and encourages them to exhibit positive behaviors while maintaining respect and dignity.


Our Montessori environment includes effective signage and environmental cues to help a resident function independently and engage the five senses. The environment offers opportunities to enable families and friends to actively reconnect with their loved one during visits, and fosters family education and engagement through the progression of dementia.


Our diverse meal options create contrast to stimulate the appetite and enhance sensory perception, while specially prepared meals and snacks fulfills the individual’s dietary needs. Fairmont’s in-house chef follows a dietitian’s guide to prepare delicious and nutritious meals three times a day for our residents. Breakfast is cooked to order, and we frequently cook or bake special treats requested by residents to show our appreciation.


Through resident-directed committees and decisions, residents are encouraged to participate in the community-at-large via church organizations, schools, day cares, and charitable organizations. These types of activities foster a sense of purpose and belonging for residents through all stages of dementia.


When your loved one enters Fairmont on Clayton’s Montessori-based Memory Care program, we ensure that they get individual engagement with your family, our staff, and other residents through validated clinical outcomes, measured in accordance with their plan of care.

Our staff encourage residents to thrive in a positive environment, enjoy meaningful life enrichment, and continue in their social role.

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Visit and Experience the Montessori Lifestyle

Whether your loved one is in the early stages of dementia, or they’ve been fighting the disease for many years, our Montessori-based Memory Care program fosters independence, belonging, and purpose, while providing the safety and security those living with dementia require. Stop by and visit us—we’ll show you around!